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When I moved to my new condo I realized after a load of dishes ran through the dishwasher that my dishwasher kept running an error code and wouldn’t complete the cycle. I made a call on a Saturday morning and by the afternoon a tech was sent onsite to diagnose the issues. The technician was able to diagnose the issue and provide an effective repair service quickly. Although the job was done so rapidly, Allstar’s Tech still ran a test and stayed until the cycle was completed to ensure the job was done right. I can’t say Thank You enough!


Annie Mcguine

I bought my dryer at a second hand store, thinking that there should not be an issue. I was sadly mistaken! I knew it was an older model but it was the only thing in my price range. I tried to do my first load of laundry and realized that it wasn’t filling up with water. I didn’t understand what was going on.

I decided to call on an appliance repair technician and chose to call on Allstar Appliance Repair Winnipeg. Their receptionist was very friendly, and I asked to schedule them in after my shift at work. Their technician was very professional and courteous, and worked quickly and efficiently, he provided useful suggestions concerning general maintenance of the unit. We would highly recommend this company. Thanks again for your help!

I just started my second year residency at the local hospital, I’m working double shifts and studying hard. I barely have time to do my laundry, so when I get the hour window of time to do so it’s extremely upsetting to find my washer leaking everywhere. I don’t have a minute to waste.

So I just picked up the phone and called Allstar Appliance Repair in Winnipeg. They sent a technician out within minutes, I was so thankful that they lived up to their promise as posted. I was able to finish my laundry with 5 minutes to spare before I had to leave for work again. Thank You! Allstar Appliance Repair, you guys Rock!


Brian Rossetto

We had a malfunctioning fridge door seal, I wasn’t understanding why my fridge couldn’t keep the temperature. I tried everything I could think of to repair myself but it wasn’t working. My hydro bill had increased from the month before, I was fed up! so I decided to call All Star Appliance Repair Winnipeg.

They sent out a technician and he quickly encountered the issue and resolved it for me. This was great professional service and I would definitely recommend them. Thanks All Star Appliance Repair!

I have my own catering business out of my home. So I use my stove and oven quite a bit on a daily basis. This week when I was beginning to do an order and I was devastated to find out that my stove would not turn on. This order was time sensitive and needed to be done by end of business day for an event.

I called All Star Appliance Repair Winnipeg and they sent their technician to help me out. He fixed the issue quickly and allowed me to get back to cooking so I can meet the deadline. I cannot tell you what a relief it was. I will be using their service again if it is ever needed! I much appreciate it All Star Appliance Repair, you saved my Butt!